Bid Schedule
PROJECT                                                                  BID DATE                                   TIME   

MCDONALD CHAPEL STORM SHELTER                                    10/03/17                                                      9:00 am

PRINCETON BAPTIST PHARMACY RENOVATION                 10/05/17                                                      12:00 pm

UAB HILL STUDENT CENTER FIT-OUT                                      10/05/17                                                      12:00 pm

ATHENS BIBLE SCHOOL                                                                10/05/17                                                       2:00 pm

ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL RTU REPLACEMENT                          10/06/17                                                       2:00 pm

MADISON COUNTY WATER DEPT. BUILDING                         10/06/17                                                       2:00 pm

PARTLOW COTTAGE 5 RENOVATION                                       10/12/17                                                      11:00 am

GADSDEN-THE VENUE AT COOSA LANDING                          10/12/17                                                       2:00 pm

SHELBY BAPTIST O.R. LITHO/SYSTO RENOVATION             10/12/17                                                       2:00 pm

**Projects listed in RED are projects we are bidding as a PRIME/GENERAL CONTRACTOR.**
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